Hanging bag/basket Travel padded Car Seat for Cat and Dog

  • $32.78

This car pet seat cushion can take your own pet to travel together, do not have to worry about the pet at home alone, can cultivate feelings with the pet.

Perfect for holding dogs and cats of small and medium size, can connect to most front or back car seats with headrests.
Sturdy floor and soft pad offer maximum comfort, thickened soft edges for adding safety and protection.
Zippered storage pockets can store small pet essentials.
Adjustable interior tether attaches to pet collar or harness to secure.
Washable material, folds away for easy storage.
Fine quality wrapping process is practical and not easy to off the line.
Adjusters that are hung on the seat can be resized, more convenient.
Plastic thick fasteners, not easy to fall off and more safe.

Material: nylon
Color: red, blue, black, pink, grey (optional)
Bearing weight: 15kg / 33.1lb
Item size: 400 * 300 * 250mm / 15.7 * 11.8 * 9.8in
Item weight: 670g / 1.5lb
Package size: 410 * 310 * 50mm / 16.1 * 12.2 * 2.0in
Package weight: 700g / 1.5lb

Package list:
1 * Pet Safety Seat with Strap        

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